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Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations Rio Tinto Metal Powders Production Facilities / Sales Offices Headquarters Sorel-Tracy, Canada Rio Tinto Metal Powders 1655 route Marie-Victorin Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, J3R 4R4 Canada T: (+1) 450 746 5050 F: (+1) 450 743 0223 Chicago, USA Rio Tinto […]

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes As industry leader, Rio Tinto Metal Powders is constantly improving its products and perfecting new applications. However, it is in its manufacturing process that RTMP stands out among its competitors. Manufacturing in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada At Havre St. […]

Company Links

Company Links Rio Tinto Rio Tinto Fer et Titane MPIF Metal Powder Industries Federation PICK PM – “A Powder Metallurgy Information Resource for Component Designers and Engineers” APMI International American Powder Metallurgy Institute Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology ASM International […]


Manufacturing Processes: China Water Atomised Steel Powders High quality atomised powder produced in our Sorel-Tracy, Canada plant is transported to China, through annealing, milling, and blending to be processed into finished products at our Suzhou plant. Additives, such as copper, […]


Manufacturing Processes: Canada Iron Powders Molten iron is transferred directly from the RTFT smelter to our iron powder plant. This high purity liquid iron is granulated by striking a stream of the molten metal with high-pressure water jets. The resulting […]

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Rio Tinto Metal Powders’ Commitment to Sustainable Development RTMP projects, operations, and products should, as a member of the Rio Tinto family, contribute constructively to the global transition to sustainable development. We contribute to sustainable development by helping […]

Product Development

Product Development The outset of the 21st century is a most exciting time for the powder metallurgy industry for its rapid evolution of PM technologies and the more demanding applications. Because of this complex environment and in line with our […]

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance QMP is a symbol of total quality management. We have adopted a continuous improvement process not only to meet but also to exceed market standards. Statistical Process Control, General Motor’s Targets for Excellence, the Ford Q1 Supplier Award, […]

Global Company

  Global Company Rio Tinto Metal Powders has two manufacturing facilities. Our original manufacturing site is strategically located on the St. Lawrence River, in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada. Easy access by ship, rail and truck make it a year round gateway […]
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